100 posts in 365 days June 15, 2021 on brett.icu

The clock is ticking… I am going to try and write 100 posts in 1 year.

I need an excuse to write more on this website, so what better of an excuse than to challenge myself to do 100 posts in one year? From now to 15th June, 2022 or earlier, I will try to write 100 posts on this website via the www.100daystooffload.com challenge.

Story time

Over the past 12 months I have been in University. I completed my first year and I will be honest, I don’t like it and I made a terrible mistake ever attending. However, I don’t have a choice in the matter so I will continue to try at university, despite my increasingly negative feelings. I have no happiness in being occupied with other people or with my education, and I feel happier being occupied in doing things for myself. brett.icu is one of those things.

Since I started college, I have felt less confident about making computing my livelihood. With University, I don’t smile about being able to have the opportunity to do this for a living; It has destroyed my relationship with technology completely.

At college, my phase probably began when I started reading more about news to do with Facebook - Cambridge Analytica affair where it showed that Facebook user data was datamined by a company to be used to build a psychological profile to coerce people of certain profile to vote for a politican.1

Even though I am not American, I found this terrifying. Already knowing dangers of companies like Google and Amazon, this was fuel to the fire. I felt less and less safe using something that could be used against me by others. Regardless of the reputation, security is about protecting yourself from all threats, this shouldn’t just be protection from script kiddies and individuals. It shouldn’t be okay when businesses do it.

When trying to find places and resources to move away from the Google and proprietary lifestyle, I re-discovered FOSS. Many of the websites promoted Free and Open Source Software alternatives to the programs I had already used. Originally I had no interest or preference if the software was FOSS or not, only that if it was free. This changed my view on the program choices I wanted to make.

I’ll write more about this in detail, as there is probably a lot to cover and now isn’t the right time. I have been wanting to make something completely on my own for a while, away from social media. brett.icu became that, and is probably going to be my final online space i’ll ever use (with some exceptions of course). I have been inactive on other social media for a while now, I will remove Twitter for good in a month or so.

100 Days? What would I write about?

I need to make my site look cool, so, I’m gonna write a lot more now. As for the topics I want to write about, probably music, free software, my travels, and video games mostly… At the time of writing this, I have nothing to do over the transitional period for uni. I hope to have travelled about half of England by the end of the year, and by the end of the 2020s I hope to have travelled around the whole of the UK. I used to hate going outside but I don’t really look at anywhere but the outside of my home, which isn’t that great to begin with.


I am trying to get into open-source hardware projects. I have purchased the PinePhone and MNT Reform, an OSH phone and laptop. By the end of the year I also want to try and get a desktop computer of similar or same standards (Vikings Desktop?).

What else am I doing?

I am learning Mandarin Chinese and I will try to make some bonus posts only in Chinese to keep it in check. I want to also make videos and I may use a PeerTube, YouTube*, or use this website as a place to host those videos.

I want to make more material and web pages on my website, preferably lists or pages about me/my activities that get involved consistently (rather than writing from a point in time, like this blog).

I also plan to lower my social media usage and delete my Twitter account as mentioned. I dont know if I will move to a FOSS social media platform or never run pages like that again. There is a funny story about social media I do want to talk about sometime.

  1. https://archive.is/p18hV ↩︎

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