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The Mandarin Chinese language is very cool! Heres a cool thing about it.

I have been trying to learn Mandarin for the past few months, and I have been writing a book for myself to keep information about Chinese while I learn. The Chinese language is obviously very different, but it can also scare people away from trying it. Here’s a couple things that make Chinese a cool language.


A ‘Particle’ is a character you add usually after a word to classify grammatical information and the function of the word.

Personal Pronouns, plurals, and possessives

In speech, Mandarin has gender neutrality, and many personal pronouns often are just unified with one character. If you want to pluralize and make the pronoun written be possessive, all you have to do is add a character afterward.

For example: ‘I’ and ‘Me’ are 我 (wǒ), and if you want to pluralise it, you just add 们 (men) afterward. With this information, we can conclude that for ‘We’ or ‘Us’, it is 我们 (wǒmen). Pretty cool right?

我说中文 (Wǒ shuō zhōngwén) - ‘I speak Chinese’

我们说中文 (Wǒmen shuō zhōngwén) - ‘We speak Chinese’

If we want to pluralise, we then add 的 (de) after it, so 我的 (wǒde) means ‘My’ and ‘Mine’. You can also stack the plural and the possessive together, to make…

我们的 (wǒmen de) - ‘Our’/‘Ours’

Example: 那是我们的学校 (Nà shì wǒmen de xuéxiào) - ‘That is our school’


In Mandarin speech, ‘He’, ‘She’, and ‘It’ are said the same. Their differences are only noted in writing, this means Chinese is gender neutral.

他 - He/him

她 - She/her

它 - It

All of these are pronounced as ’tā’ - and to make them ‘They/them’ you just add the ‘de’ to pluralise them too! ’tāmen de’ would mean ’their’ or ’theirs’.


I dont know how to finish this article, tune in soon!

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