Refutations and self-reflection July 10, 2022 on

Hello again,

I have unlisted various old posts and/or update posts to improve the quality of the work written on my website. The majority of content was created during a time when I was starting out with technology, and I had little to no quality control or cared about my posts being used as a source or guide for people in the late future. The worst critique of myself on these old posts were how I wrote about computer security and free and open source software; a lot of the old content made it seem like I’m an FSF-ite FOSSbro who is just not giving attention to other projects for not being ‘free’ enough.

Over the past two to three years my insight into cybersecurity has changed as I have had the budget and access to better resources and FOSS projects at my disposal. I should tell you that you should be more favourable to some proprietary software as well, as not many people have the facilities to move to a FOSS replacement and some are reputable enough because of how little the software does or how audited they are. However free and open source software is a goal you should try to achieve.

I am also cleaning up this website as I think having posts on things like small updates on what i’ve done to the site (especially out of date ones) are not something that should be on the front page or on an RSS feed.

I also attempted the 100DaysToOffload challenge, however I have not completed it in time, therefore any posts relating to it will be unmarked now. I believe in quality over quantity and I have a very bad writers block half the time.

Past content, however, will still be on the sourcecode and visitable if you have the URLs.

I will be posting a lot of very good stuff soon, probably my favourite posts yet in these drafts so please stay tuned for them.

See you soon.

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