About me

My name is Brett, and I run the brett.icu website.

I am a college student currently focused into the IT field, whilst also working on web based projects outside of education. This website is made out of pure static content and does not use any JavaScript (as of right now, subject to change). This website also acts as a blog and place to put all my resources at, incase someone else wants to read them aswell?

I also run Memory Lane on GitHub, where projects such as decompiling source code for North Korean flash games or mirroring older files and works for the public eye are posted. I also create graphics.

I also design free for commerical, personal, and modification allowed bitmap (and shitty non-bitmap) fonts availiable to download, here's the link: click

Special thanks to Miksa for creating the website logo!

keep in touch

I have an account on the Fediverse! I am brett@gnusocial.cc, I also have Libre.fm [click]. You can also email me at me[a]brett[o]icu, I also have Riot.im if you're into that sort of thing aswell.

mini privacy policy

This website has had no changes or configurations in terms of logging, so your IP/User Agent is stored temporarily (about three days) as expected. This website does not use any JavaScript and if changes, will only be used to make the site function better, and will not log user data.