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About me

My name is Brett! I am often on the internet with the username tusoud (two soud). I am a student based in the North of England, studying Cyber Security and Forensics. I am currently 18 years old and I started making a website in 2016. This website is the current revision where I started working on it in 2019.

I am heavily interested in open source software, and I have a preference with communicating and using only open source software. I am also interested in software defined radio and the history of communications. I plan to become an amateur soon.

I am very critical of the internet and computers, I prefer to publish independently - free from interference and moderation, thats why you won’t see many ways to contact me here. I am not a journalist nor do I have past experience.

I use a Linux distribution on my computers and I use a LineageOS phone. I prefer to talk in IRC networks and use Telegram as an alternative. My PGP keys are attached below.

Email me at tusoud at the domain protonmail dot com.

Where am I?

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