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My name is Brett and I spend a fair amount of time writing about alternative, ethical technology and FOSS on this website. Currently I am a cyber security student and in my day to day life I spend time studying at my apartment. This website is a place to help me do that, and possibly to be a CV in the future.

Currently I have been running a personal website about myself since 2016, but is the first time I ever created a real and serious website. Currently I use a diverse set of computers and devices which I like to learn and talk about. Even though I am not much of a developer, I still believe writing from a user point of view is helpful to me.

Where am I?

Starting in August of 2021, I deleted all my social media pages, I do not plan to make new ones, but I do have some web pages focused on other things:

Get in touch

I still use instant messaging, and I thoroughly recommend you message me through these means.


Right now, I am currently on a mission to replace all my proprietary software in my life with free and open source software. For more about my journey, I will write a page separate to the blog in the late future. Currently I have replaced my phone, Laptop, main applications, and servers with FOSS. I am yet to replace my desktop and tablet and some niche software I rely on. My final goal is to use open source hardware in the end.

I am currently in my second year in University, and because of a certain international disaster I haven’t even been inside it yet! I have been travelling as the restrictions go down less and less.

Shoutouts and thanks

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