Making GFX from PGP/GPG

Hi! Welcome to the first post on, my first blog website where I post about technology, graphics, music, or whatever else comes to mind (mostly tech!)

If you used Digg or any other mid-large social media website in the late 2000s you will probably remember the AACS encryption key controversy (look it up on Wikipedia) - which became synonymous with posting a flag that contained colour bars made of HEX colour codes that, when added together, made the AACS encryption key that they tried desperately to take down everywhere. This was the "Free Speech Flag" that was designed by John Marcotte.

Recently, I just tried GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) for my emails, its a really nice project, however can be difficult to set-up if you're an internet noob (aka none of the people who use this type of stuff). I then realised that the key fingerprints can also have GFX made up out of them exactly similar to the flag mentioned.

If you havent seen it already, the flag I made is the banner on the top! Here are some steps to make your own version:

  1. Get the fingerprint of your PGP key, if you're using Keybase, it would be on the page of your profile, if you're using GnuPG, it will be on the file name of the key, but you can also get this by opening it in Kleopatra. For instance, mine is E12163CE4A95E06A92F1480EFD6BE548F251EFE1.
  2. Split the keys into colour codes, like such: E12163 CE4A95 E06A92 F1480E FD6BE5 48F251, and if you have remainder characters like me (EFE1) - use them later.
  3. Make a flag out of bars, squares, or any other pattern you desire using the colour codes in order. It's better for you to think, not me!
  4. If you have remainder characters, put them somewhere where you know they'll be added last (like on the last sections)

Here's a stupid easy picture on how to read the flag, im sure you can understand this, right? Now there's an easy PGP key plug for your mini website or hacker blog. Always post your full key though! Unless you're trying to sneak a PGP/GPG key to someone... for some reason.