Music I Like

I will only buy music if a DRM free version is available for it. I will not stream music on platforms like Apple or Spotify, 99% of the time I am listening to my music offline. When it comes to online streaming, I use an Invidious instance or Bandcamp on PC, NewPipe on phones. For DAP owners, use Rockbox!

The music I love the most are late 90s to early 2000s drum and bass. Techstep and neurofunk are my favourite types of DnB, I am not a fan of jump-up that much. I also really like techno, grime and garage. Here are some of my favourite artists from each:

Here are some of my favourite albums:

Here are some of my favourite EPs:

My favourite tracks are:

My favourite DRM free music website is Bandcamp due to the large library.

Online content

If you watch YouTube, use Invidious to watch videos with extra privacy!

I like to read RSS feeds, you can find some of my favourites on my feeds page.

I don’t really watch ‘YouTubers’ or streamers. I guess I grew out of it and most of my online media consumption is just listening to music or a reading a news article. I do not really watch many tech channels either unless its about a product im looking up. And before someone asks me, I think Linus Tech Tips is alright. They don’t really make videos on the products I want to buy but their videos are very well produced and I don’t see them making videos on sketchy unknown products either. If you’re into free software then they are not the channel for you to watch.

Techlore do a weekly segment on free software, security and privacy. While their privacy options might be mixed to some (since privacy communities are one huge argument) they definitely do good news roundups nonetheless. If you’re trying to learn Linux then try watching The Linux Experiment, DistroTube, Mental Outlaw and ExplainingComputers do great videos on Linux as a whole.


News can’t be neutral. I mostly use articles to find the source of information and look at the source myself. I avoid opinion pieces.

For UK news I use BBC and The Guardian, for other choices I will look at ITV and Sky. I avoid The Sun and the Daily Mail, The Sun uses a shit ton of loaded language and fearmongering in their articles and the Daily Mail is hit and miss and their site layout sucks. I mostly prefer BBC because of the RSS feed and that they archive even the oldest articles.

For international news I will usually look at Reuters or AP, as they are very large and I consider the AP the closest to a neutral news site.