Things I designed

In the past, I designed bitmap typefaces. You can download my PXFX typefaces on my 1001fonts page, I will also make mirrors on this site so there is a freedom respecting source to download them in the future. All fonts are licensed to the SIL Open Font License. They are free to redistribute, copy, and modify. (I would love to be given credit or seeing what you have made with my typefaces however!)

All GFX used on this website that are not screenshots/photos of something are created by me unless where credited. All of my older graphics are made with Paint.NET on Windows, my best work is made on here. I am trying to adapt to open source and free alternatives. I do not consider myself an artist or a graphic designer, this is more of a side hobby to me.

I am open to make designs for small open source projects for free. FactoCord is one I made a contribution for, and Memory Lane is one I contributed for the group. I do not believe open source projects should have to pay and I don’t believe my work is to a high standard where my work should be paid for.

Things I support

Any money I recieve through online means I use to purchase items or merch that support open source software or computing oriented groups. For Make a Blog all rewards went to the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Despite my donations to the FSFE, I do not fully agree the FSF/Stallman ideals of what counts as ‘free’ software (like the GPL). I do believe that they are the most influential however, and thats why I donated to them.

Support your local businesses or movements. I often visit DEF CON sponsored groups, there is probably one in your area. You may also choose to support a local business instead.

Archives I created